Boracay Budget

Cebu Pacific Air Fare (Manila-Caticlan-Manila) P1,375.36$29.80
NAIA 3 Terminal Fee P200.00$4.33
Caticlan Airport to Jetty Port Motorized Tricycle FareP$
Environmental Fee & Admission FeeP50.00$1.08
Caticlan Jetty Port FeeP50.00$1.08
Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay Jetty Port Ferry/Banca Fare P25.00$0.54
Boracay Port to Boracay Tropics Tricycle Fare P50.00$1.08
Sander's White accommodation P1,200/day (x4 days)P4,800.00$29.80
Boracay Tropics to Boracay PortP50.00$1.08

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